Your body is asking for help

Nausea and low-energy during pregnancy, however “common”, do not have to be accepted as “normal”. As common as women think these symptoms are, they are actually signals your body doesn’t have enough of what it needs to keep you and your baby healthy. Something specific is missing, so your body starts sending up flares. It’s brilliant, really…but what do the flares mean?

1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Your body is trying to build more blood during this time, which requires a lot of water. A lot. Did I say, a lot? If you aren’t getting enough, you can start feeling nauseous and run down. Try adding lemon or lime water to your water. Or you could even try a natural electrolyte drink—Endura is Dr. Brad’s favorite. If you’re having trouble keeping water down, it may be time for an IV of water and electrolytes which can be done at most medical clinics.

2. B-vitamins

Many women know about the importance of folic acid and B12 during pregnancy. Often, what they don’t know is how much the liver, spleen, and kidney rely on alcohol soluble and water soluble B vitamins. And guess what these organs do if they’re not getting all the B’s they need? They will send a flare, specifically, they’ll cause nausea and dizziness to let you know they’re not functioning properly. A quick check on your B vitamin balance at the clinic can get you back on track, helping to keep these organs in tip-top shape for the rest of your pregnancy.

3. Iron

Iron is another important ingredient in building blood. And if your body’s not making enough blood? More flares. A good pharmaceutical grade or whole food iron along with regular whole food vitamin C can be a good choice. Organic grass fed red meat can help a lot, too. Try lamb, bison, venison, or beef to help optimize your body’s ability to build blood for you and your baby.

4. Protein

Protein is necessary to produce both blood and baby. Nausea can make it very difficult to ingest enough. If you are trying to increase the amount of protein you eat, a quality porcine gelatin can work well. It's in a similar form to the collagen your body needs to develop a strong structure for your baby.

5. Stomach/Spleen deficit

A stomach or spleen blood deficiency may also cause nausea. This happens when there just isn’t enough blood to go around. As a rule, your body gives the baby what it needs first then gives the rest to you. That means blood is pushed to the uterus first, leaving the stomach without enough blood to function properly. This special brand of nausea can be treated by a well-trained Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbalist.

6. Energy, energy, energy

It takes a lot of energy to build a new baby. If you are feeling wiped-out, you may not be producing enough energy for you or your baby. Your thyroid or your adrenals (or both!) might need support.

7. The emotional piece

Emotional distress can add to and complicate everything we’ve talked about so far. If your down, stressed, or tapped emotionally, homeopathy, EMDR therapy, or talking with a support group can help bring things back around.

All that said, the important thing is to pay attention to what your body is telling you. Try to ask yourself if your body is sending up any of these signals. Morning sickness and feelings of low energy don’t have to be normal symptoms of pregnancy. Find out what your body needs and you’ll be well on your way to a healthier pregnancy.